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    Painting and decorating Handyman General Maintenance Interior and Exterior now based in Ireland

  • Leaving France

    We Have Now Left France and Can No-Longer Provide Services

    A Final Farewell

    Our Last Job In France

    Before leaving France we had a flurry of clients asking us to do ‘One Last Job’. We were of course happy to oblige.

  • What We Do

    Prep work is ALWAYS the key to a good job

    Prep work

    Prep is the key: It has to be correct.

    We can advise on prep work needed, and provide a ‘Just Prep’ service if you want to decorate to save costs.

    Wallpaper stripping

    Removing wallpaper

    I have a wallpaper stripper, and here I am prepping a clients stairwell, removing all of the paper. The key to a good finish is the prep work.

    General Maintenance

    Small jobs: cupbaord fitting, hobs fitting.

    This client wanted a rustic kitchen, so I built the frame, fitted the hob, and Tiled behind.

    Woodwork rubbed down and painted

    Internal & external doors and doorframes

    These very old original doors were given a new lease of life when painted: restored to their original glory.

    Detailed Paintwork

    Internal & external doors and doorframes

    This client was vefy specific, wanting one side of the door painted a dark grey and the other side white. It took time, asi t was an old door that was being restored but the result was amazing.

    Detailed Paintwork

    Detailed Painting: cutting in around beams is my speciality

    There are no straight lines in old buildings! I use a firch (small artist brush) to cut paint in around beams

    Detailed Paintwork For the smallest rooms

    Detailed Painting: cutting above tiles. A recent job for a client

    With the shower, radiator and tiles in situ, this was a detailed job. Pleased to say the client was very happy & so was I!

    Tiling by Scott Sibson @Scott Sibson plumbing & Tiling

    Detailed Paintwork For the smallest rooms

    Detailed Painting: cutting in above tiles. A recent job for a client

    Small spaces are no excuses for not maintaining standards where attention to details is concerned.

    Tiling by Scott Sibson @ Scott Sibson Plumbing & Tiling on FB

    Woodwork: stripping & painting

    From papered doors to glossy doors

    We all know how the doors in France are often covered in paper. This client had 12 doors in their hall, & landing which would have proved expensive. I stripped all of the doors, got them perfectly smooth, and painted with unforgiving satinwood. The client is really pleased with the outcome: you would never know they had been papered.

    Woodwork: stripping & painting

    From papered doors to glossy doors

    Really pleased with these doors: paper removed, sanded & glossed, saved the client a fortune in buying new doors.


    The feature wall on the stairs

    Working with a colleague wallpaper on the highest wall in the house, and along a feature wall, with numerous doors was no problem at all.

    Gardening Services, Property Maintenance

    And then buildings started to reappear!

    A large job for a client: still ongoing, but buildings have now been uncovered

    Gardening Services, Property Maintenance

    The doors are clear

    Overtaken by the garden, the client was in England & needed help in gaining access to the house.

    Handyman Jobs

    Skirting Board Replacement

    Skirting Boards replaced, mitred & joined up the stairs: no problem

    Handyman Jobs

    Skirting Board Replacement

    Skirting Boards replaced, mitred & joined up to existing boards

    Decorating Services

    A number of jobs

    A number of jobs Skirting Boards replaced, ceilings & walls decorating

    Skirting boards

    What a difference when skirting boards are in place

    A number of jobs Skirting Boards replaced, ceilings & walls decorating

    Ceilings and beams

    Cutting in no problem: if a jobs worth doing it’s worth doing well.

    Recent ceiling painting for a client.

    Property Management

    We found the window!

    Three years worth of brambles cleared: let’s get in the house now. All part of various jobs needed.

    Decorating Services

    Attention to detail is key

    Cutting in is the key to a good paint job

    Decorating Services

    Just one coat is enough to make all the difference

    A recently renovated house, the client only wanted to have one coat painted on newly plastered walls before visiting guests arrived & what a difference one coat made

    Decorating Services

    Stairs halls and landings: popular rooms that clients want decorated

    With stairs an area that is difficult to decorate they are a frequent area that I am asked to decorate. With various ladders and steps I am able to reach the tallest of walls....so far

    Boxing in

    Unsightly pipework

    This client needed all of the essential pipework tidied up and hidden. The difference to the room was huge.

    Boxing in

    Uneven brickwork needed to be hidden

    On a budget this client couldn’t afford plastering and rebuilding so the simple solution was to box in around the messy wall

    Exterior Renovation

    All external paintwork

    All doors & windows were prepped & stained for this client

    Exterior Renovation

    All external paintwork

    Beams stained: the devil is in the detail

    Exterior Renovation

    All external paintwork - in the process

    These very old barn doors have been sanded down and prepped with the roller and hinges painted silver. A work currently in process.

    Exterior Renovation

    All external paintwork - detailed paintwork

    From studs on the gate of the door, to the rings for the animals, and the lock for the gate, the detail sets off the paintwork.

    Exterior Renovation

    All external paintwork - winter proofing

    The prep for exterior doors and windows is essential for them to look this good.

    Internal decorating services

    Beam painting: from dark to white, light and bright

    All white rooms are proving very popular, and very effective. The character of the old beams comes to life when painted white.

    Internal decorating services

    We provide a prep only service including sanding large areas

    This staircase was in dire need of love and attention. Now the grain shines out, and it will look stunning when stained.

    Internal decorating services

    Varnishing, staining, detail is essential

    The staircase above completed. The client was so pleased, the entire staircase for three stories was absolutely stunning.

  • A Renovation Story

    We thought you might like to see a job from beginning to end. This was a project which included some old barn doors that had not been treated in years or prepped well in the past. The client wanted them weather proofed including all metal work. In addition the doors & windows behind were also to be renovated & winter- proofed. They are currently still a work in progress so look out for the finished result.

    The work begins

    One door down

    The prep work begins.

    Prepping complete

    What a difference & they are only prepped.

    All doors prepped inside & out.

    Detailed Metalwork painted

    Silver metal work looks stunning

    A tricky job painting the rolling mechanism but worth the time & effort


    First coat of paint applied

    As the doors get darker

    First coat applied & the detail is starting to stand out.


    Shutters complete

    Moving on to the Doors & Framework underneath

    The difference was so noticeable the client booked more work.

    Fully renovated & ready for winter

    The comments & compliments made this job so rewarding

    Moving on to thee other woodwork now.

    Fully renovated & ready for winter

    Some of the other doors that the client wanted brought up to the standard of the barn doors.

    Now the doors are a feature to the house

    Fully complete, scaffold down, shining in the evening sunshine

  • RM Property Management Services .


    I was based near Mayenne in Ambrieres Les Vallees fully registered with a siren number and insured. I have now left France and can no longer provide a service in this area.

    Reasonable Rates

  • Our Services

    From small handyman jobs, to detailed painting jobs, and everything in between.

    General Maintenance

    Hand Built Kitchen

    This client had no kitchen at all, and wanted a simple handbuilt frame, with the hob inserted and tiling at the back.

    Painting and Decorating

    Two Tone Stairs

    This client wanted the steps and kick boards painted different colours. See my gallery for more pictures, it looked stunning.

    Key Holding Services

    House and Gite checks

    I currently hold keys for two clients and check their houses as necessary. I also feed the cat!

    Garden Maintenance

    Small garden maintenance

    Lawn mowing (small lawns) general tidying and cutting back

    Rubbish & Garden Clearance

    Small loads of rubbish, garden Waste

    Garden clearance and Rubbish clearance contact me for a quote.

    Detailed Paintwork

    Painting between old beams is never as easy as it looks

    We specialise in cutting in between beams & have had so many clients who have called us in after trying.

    Wall paper stripping & prep work

    Like decorating, hate prep!

    Most people say they don’t mind painting, but hate the prep work. But that is the key to having Excellent decor, or average decor. I have a wallpaper stripper, and can provide all the prep work for you, from stripping walls (& removing the extra strength wallpaper paste!) to filling & sanding: leaving the room ready to paint. Saving you money because you paint & time because I do the hard part!

    Small jobs

    Skirting boards seem to be popular

    A recent job for a client whose skirting boards had been destroyed by flood. All mitred and fitted up the steps as well. What a difference once the room had been repainted.

    Property Management

    A variety of services for those who are not in France

    With a good knowledge of reliable, trusted tradesmen our newly registered service is now available: from contacting your water company for you to checking the house in the winter, to organising a plumber we can provide various services. Contact us for further details.

    Painting & decorating

    The devil is in the detail

    This clients stairs were discoloured, after thorough prep they now look stunning.

    Painting & decorating: Exterior work

    Having the tools is essential

    we have a 6 meter professional galvanised steel scaffold tower, for all those high places. Ideal for all exterior paintwork including soffits.

    Small jobs around the house

    Boxing in around unsightly pipes

    What a difference boxing in makes to a room. Any messy corner we can fix it: and there they were gone!

    Small jobs around the house

    Filling and repainting: making things good

    This client had a problem: her door handle kept smahing up her stud wall. So a door stop was fitted & the wall repaired & painted: now you would never know.

    External paintwork

    Exterior varnish or paintwork updated and renovated

    This clients exterior paintwork had been left a long time, but after sanding down, prepping & 2 coats of quality varnish it is looking really good & more importantly ready for winter.

    Detailed External paintwork

    Exterior beams renovated & made ready for winter.

    Detailed paintwork on external beams, makes all the difference.

    Detailed External paintwork

    Metal work & Woodwork prepped and prepared for winter

    The detailed paintwork on the metalwork has set the barn doors off

    Prep Only Service

    For those who hate prep, but know the devil is in the detail

    Sanding, wall paper removal, filling, beam prep, all aspects of prep work undertaken. Making light of the decorating.

    New Service: room staging and design assistance

    For the people who know what they want but struggle with putting it together.

    This client wanted a mainly white room, with little touches of all things heavenly. She was very pleased with the result.  

  • What We Do

    We provide a great customer service


    From a client by email for various services

    We would like to thank you for the help that you have provided for us over the last year, and trust that should the situation change we may call upon once again for you help.


    From Facebook

    Excellent service from the initial contact to the finished work, highly recommended, thank you.


    From a client by email for various services

    Great work today from Rich, lots done, maybe another day soon for curtain pole fitting and moving boxes around in the cellar, house is starting to look like a home now. Thanks again,


    From a client by email

    Can’t believe what a good job you have done, the detail is excellent; for such a reasonable rate. I love it! Thank you.


    Via our Facebook site R M Property Management Services , the photo is of some of the prep work

    Richard est venu detapisser et peindre 3 chambres et les poutres dans la mezzanine ! Richard et son épouse son très efficace et très arrangeant . le travail a été fait dans les temps et parfaitement réalisé ! ma maison est enfin prête à être mise en location et moi a débuter ma nouvelle vie !!!


    Richard came to détapisser and paint 3 bedrooms and the beams in the mezzanine! Richard and his wife are very effective and very arranging. The work has been done in times and perfectly realized! My house is finally ready to be put into rent and I started my new life!!!


    Via our Facebook site R M Property Management Services , this was a big job, hall, stairs & landing, 12 doors stripped, prepped & painted with some additional work once the client had seen the standard of my work.

    We had the lovely Rich come and strip, prep, paint & paper our hall, stairs, landing, two bath/shower rooms and a toilet. This included painting 12 doors front and back. He was prompt, courteous and his work is of an excellent standard. I would not hesitate to recommend him for any work you are considering.


    Via our Facebook site R M Property Management Services , from a returning client who had suffered water damage.

    Thank you for the great job again.


    A wonderful recommendation from the client who features as our renovation project. She was so pleased whe had all of her doors and windows brought up to the same standard. In fact another client endorsed her recommendations. We love to do a good job.

    Thank you for the great job again.


    Our most recent client (the total house renovation) has booked us for more work and gave us this feedback by email.

    this really was way beyond my
    capabilities and I am very appreciative of the work you have done.

  • Our Ethos

    If a job’s worth doing it’s worth doing well

    From painting & decorating

    It has to look good

    For us it’s not just about the money! It’s about job satisfaction

    To garden clearance

    To know we’ve achieved

    To hack your way in, work hard, & end up with this as only part of the finished job was worth the hard work.

    To Property Management

    Finding reliable workmen

    We will source workmen, but only if we KNOW they are reliable and trustworthy, with the same ethos: if a job’s worth doing it’s worth doing well.

    To Detailed paintwork

    Making All The Difference: to the look of a room

    Cutting in between beams: Nothing beats white for lighting a whole room up.

    To Boxing in and hiding pipes

    Small handyman jobs around the home

    Unsightly pipework boxed in & painted.

    To Winter-proofing Exterior Paintwork

    The winters in France can play havoc with exterior paintwork

    This client was so happy she extended the job.

    To Room Staging and design.

    For those who know what they want, but just can’t pull it together

    A new service: room staging for clients.

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